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Transportation And Logistics

Transportation Solutions


With hundreds of travelers in large spaces with numerous entrances and exits, airport security is a challenge. Meet comprehensive airport security requirements while keeping travelers and staff safe and minimizing service disruptions for passengers.

Keep passengers and staff safe with Avigilon. Our access control solutions combine with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software for seamless security.

Resolve Incidents from Parking Lot to Plane
When an incident occurs, like an accident or theft, you want it under control right away. Avigilon's high-definition surveillance solutions mean faster response times. And that means airport travelers and systems can stay on track.

Reduce Costs with Fewer Cameras, Easier Install
See more, with less. Avigilon's high-definition surveillance solutions use fewer cameras than conventional systems. One airport replaced 2,300 analog cameras with just 274 Avigilon cameras. That means less installation, less labor, and more money in your pocket.

Manage Access to Restricted Areas from Anywhere
Avigilon Access Control Manager is web-based, so you can manage access to restricted areas from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.


Protecting millions of dollars in transport infrastructure while maintaining passenger safety is a challenge. Meet customs and border regulations. Minimize service interruptions.

Protect valuable assets and maintain accurate shipping schedules with Avigilon’s end-to-end solutions. Our access control solutions combine with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software for seamless security.

See Every Detail with Avigilon Control Center
Avigilon Control Center's advanced search capabilities allow you to quickly go back and review your high-definition footage to find scene changes, missing objects and events in any transportation facility. Which means you'll shorten response times and keep passenger delays to a minimum.

Reduce False Liability Claims
Avigilon's HD cameras give unparalleled image detail, which means you'll be able to identify instances of false liability claims on buses, trains or other transport. Get quality footage. See what really happened. And use as evidence if needed.

Flexibility Across Varied Infrastructure
Avigilon's scalable platform allows you to integrate with existing CCTV and analog systems, providing you the flexibility to migrate to a full IP network-based system as resources and budget allow.

Public Transit
Keeping thousands of daily commuters safe and on schedule requires a sophisticated yet flexible end-to-end video surveillance solution. Minimize false liability claims, prevent vandalism and reduce damage to valuable property with Avigilon's end-to-end high-definition solutions.

Maintain passenger safety and with Avigilon’s end-to-end solutions. Our broad range of megapixel cameras combined with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software deliver a seamless end-to-end system that provides unparalleled image detail.

Superior Image Detail
Avigilon's end-to-end surveillance solutions provide unmatched image detail, all while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. You'll be able to ensure passenger safety and keep vandalism to a minimum with the industry's most powerful surveillance solution.

Reduce Liability Costs with Advanced Searches
Avigilon's award-winning software provides sophisticated search functionality with incredible image detail. Get credible evidence of false liability claims on any public transit system with Avigilon Control Center.

Avigilon high-definition surveillance solutions provide the image detail, value and intuitive software you need to protect what’s most valuable.

To learn more about Avigilon surveillance solutions, contact us. Avigilon Appearance Search Technology* Enables security operators to locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.

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Delivering End-to-End Connectivity Solutions

Point to Point Communications is a recognized industry leader and a full service solution provider, delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions for mission-critical and line-of-business applications. Our experience and customer commitment has led to continued success and growth since our inception in 1982.

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As an industry leader in deployment of the latest communication technologies, Point to Point Communications provides comprehensive services to help deploy and maintain your communications equipment and systems. We perform end-user equipment installations at customer locations including key systems such as: Lightning Protection, Grounding, Battery backup & UPS Systems, Telephone Interfaces, Wireless Network Connectivity Solutions and many more!

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When your mission matters most, there isn't time to waste struggling with poor communication or unreliable 2-Way radios. Trust Motorola to allow your team to have better information, better decisions, and a better outcome. View all of our radio two-way technologies and solutions to learn more


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Radio Accessories

Help unleash the full potential of your radio.

Next-Generation MOTOTRBO™

Dramatic enhancements to the MOTOTRBO portfolio

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Team Communications

20-25% average improvement in productivity

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The radios allowed us to communicate effectively and provide a safe environment for our patrons, volunteers and artists. They supported a speedy response for all emerging issues.

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