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Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement Communication Solutions

Make Law Enforcement Data Work For You

Connecting Police Officers To The Communities They Serve…

Safer cities are thriving cities. Statistics indicate that a dollar invested in public safety returns $5 in economic growth. On the flip side, they suggest that a homicide can cause 70 citizens to move away. Every time technology helps prevent a crime, it profoundly improves community relations and police safety.

Community-based data also help law enforcement organizations better connect with the citizens they protect. Police receive information from remote sensors, text messages, and posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Another source is video citizens send from their cell phones, as well as video from street and parking lot cameras operated by businesses and municipal organizations.

The challenge, of course, is how to aggregate and analyze all these data streams, turning them into intelligence that command centers can immediately send to officers on the street and use later for post-incident analysis.

…And Helping Them Focus On Their Mission

Even as public safety networks are becoming more complex, advanced intelligent solutions are simplifying data management across multiple agencies that operate in multiple jurisdictions in our communities. Network operators have visibility and control across unified communication networks, applications, and fleets of devices. This can lead to insights and investigative leads that can solve crimes.

Network complexity also creates security challenges. Ransomware viruses infect computers and demand ransoms to unlock data. And that is just one example. The reality is that cyber criminals create more than 60 million malware programs every year, and law enforcement agencies must protect themselves from all of them.

As police agencies rely more on technology to protect communities and first responders, many are turning to Motorola Solutions to help plan, deploy, protect, and manage their systems. Partnering with a trusted leader gives forces confidence to focus less on their technology and more on their mission.

Implementing A Body-Worn Camera Program: Finding The Right Focus For Your Agency

Body-worn cameras are quickly becoming a predominant tool for digital evidence capture to protect officers and the citizens they serve. Body-worn cameras record the content that agencies need to build transparency and accountability with the public. Because they openly document events, body-worn cameras can elevate service while they deepen community trust. At the same time, they can help your agency enhance training, improve officer safety and implement best practices.


APX Radios For Reliable EMS Lifelines

When you’re responding to an emergency call, your radio is your patient’s lifeline to life-saving treatment. It’s also your lifeline to safety and security. That’s why in emergency medicine every two-way radio conversation is crucial. Motorola APX™ portable radios provide leading-edge noise suppression technology, so that every responder can be sure that his or her calls will be clear and understandable even under chaotic, noisy conditions. APX radios are ergonomically designed to be easy to use even in difficult environments. They’re also ruggedized to withstand the hazards of field use, from drops to excessive heat or cold to immersion in water. APX radios also enable EMS to utilize voice and data, and offer interoperability for communications with agencies in other communities and jurisdictions.

Motorola APX™ P25 Radios


You know the challenges. Nothing can stand in the way of your response to an emergency. Your employees must be able to communicate easily under pressure—every time. Safety is essential and tight municipal budgets demand that you maximize value when you make purchase decisions. Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Conventional Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with improved productivity. MOTOTRBO radios are designed for easy operation, even when wearing gloves. Thanks to a simple design and intuitive menus, you can easily access MOTOTRBO’s powerful features. With the GPS-based Location Services application, you can easily keep track of the people and vehicles within your force—no delays if help is needed. In addition, all MOTOTRBO radios support emergency call signaling—which provides flexible emergency response options even for operations that don’t have a central dispatcher

Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios

Redefining Body-Worn Camera Systems

The Unified, Simplified, Smart Digital Evidence Management Solution

Powered by the Si Series & CommandCentral Vault

Motorola’s Digital Evidence Management Solution is comprised of the Si Series Video Speaker Microphone and CommandCentral Vault Digital Evidence Management Software. Combined, they provide a unified, simplified, smart approach to capturing, storing, managing and sharing multimedia content for greater public transparency and accountability.

Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) dramatically increases situational awareness, information gathering and evidence collection in the field. Part of the revolutionary Si Series, it delivers all the mission-critical capabilities first responders, commanders and investigators want in one exceptionally smart collaborative device.

Motorola Body-Worn Cameras

Motorola CommandCentral Vault

Capturing Video Is Not Hard, Managing It Shouldn't Be Either

What you do with video evidence after capturing it is what can make the difference in addressing accountability concerns with the public and protecting officers and citizens alike. Take an innovative approach to content management with a complete workflow to store, manage and share your body-worn video from CommandCentral Vault.

CommandCentral Vault

LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Device

The LTE Handheld For Law Enforcement

The LEX L10 is a mission-critical handheld device that, unlike consumer-grade smartphones, addresses the unique needs of law enforcement. With a customizable, role-based user interface, it intelligently aggregates and prioritizes data, presenting only critical information based on the user’s current status or activity. Designed for the streets, the LEX L10 features dual 1-Watt front-facing speakers for optimized audio performance, a Gorilla Glass display, and a textured push-to-talk button.

Motorola LTE User Devices

Dispatch Consoles

Mobilize And Inform When And Where It's Needed Most

As the world continues to become more connected, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in field and the community they serve.

Motorola P25 Dispatch Consoles

WAVE Work Group Communications

Simple, Interoperable Communications

WAVE provides a communications architecture that eliminates barriers between different radio and broadband communications networks. Police, fire, EMS, and any other work partners can all communicate over PTT with WAVE, no matter what radio or broadband device they use. Add neighboring communities to your system for interoperable communications across borders, eliminating the need for multiple radios and facilitating better real-time coordination.

Smart Data For Smarter Operations

WAVE’s optional real-time location tracking gives you greater visibility to your entire operation. Supervisors and command staff see an improved real-time view of resources for increased situational awareness and better decisions. Integrated messaging provides a way to minimize radio traffic and provide quick reference information in loud or discrete environments. The result is faster and more coordinated responses, smarter decisions and safer outcomes.

WAVE Work Group Communications


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